Boddam Goalie Pants - Cat 3

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Boddam is not producing pants at this time.

Pro Vent pant set the benchmark for the lacrosse industry. Designed from the ground up, specifically for lacrosse goalies, the Pro Vent pant has innovative updates for this season. The floating inner girdle is key to the movement and stance of lax goalies. The girdle is now more breathable and utilizes satin stretch knit, providing unmatched comfort and increased mobility. The protective components move independent of the body creating a natural fluid movement. Large beef up thigh inserts maximize frontal protection keeping all CLA specs. Thigh inserts work in conjunction with the oversize hip protectors creating a wall of stopping power. Essential to leg protection are the double segmented inside plates, these help to disperse energy from bounce shots.

Technical Information

  • Full breathable front/back vent mesh
  • Up graded inner girdle with satin stretch knit
  •  Extended hip line increasing coverage and protective range
  • Largest fully square pant specifically for lax goalies
  • Floating girdle with unsurpassed mobility
  • Double segmented inner plated reducing bounce shot energy


  • Recommended for Bantam players (ages 13-14 years of age) and up
  • OLA & CLA Category 3 equipment standard. 
  • OLA/CLA Approved
  • USBOXLA Recommended
38" - 40"
36" - 38"
34" - 36"
32" - 34"
30" - 32"