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ECD Carbon Pro 3.0 Defense Shaft

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Crafted for elite play makers, every Carbon Pro 3.0 is reinforced with Kevlar to give you the feel you want with the durability you need. Each shaft features a specific shape, flex profile, Kick Point, and redesigned raised texture tailored for specific playing styles. So, while you’re landing kayak checks, throwing no-look passes, and firing blistering shots you can trust that your shaft has your back

Every detail has been tailored for the defenders who throw such perfect checks they leave their attackmen wishing they were a back-ups.

  •  Stronger than Ever - Reinforced with Kevlar, this shaft is designed to dish-out and receive some serious checks.
  • Total Control - Improved bottom-hand raised texture means you have more control when you’re throwing your full assortment of checks.
  • Defense Profile - We paired our Flex3 profile with our Low Kick Point to provide improved stability and a little extra control for checks and clears.
  • Sliding End Cap - Giving you more versatility, our sliding end cap can be adjusted to the perfect placement for your game. Just place the end cap where you like it, add a little tape, and you’re ready to roll.
  • Position Recommendation - This shaft is recommended for any close defender or LSM.