STX Omega Hammer Head

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Built For The DEFENSIVE Specialist, The Highest Strength-To-Weight Ratio Of Any STX Head

  • Proprietary Omega™ polymer offers the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any STX head in history
  • Redesigned Speed Scoop™ for easier groundballs, regardless of the angle of attack
  • Innerlock™ makes stringing to the inside rail easy, narrowing the channel for more hold
  • Deepest legal offset increases ball feel and retention
  • Updated Stallion rail geometry provides increased strength and stability
  • Optimized stringing hole placement for a variety of pocket options
  • You shouldn't have to be afraid to take your trusty twig out in the blazing sun, or worry about replacing your head mid-season. You deserve gear that won't get wonky with the weather and will perform the same on day 90 as it did on day 1

  • Omega withstands the most extreme challenges of heat and time