Nike Vapor 2.0 Head

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  • Nike’s lightest head ever, the Vapor 2.0 allows for swift groundballs, giving you the speed advantage through a crowded GB scrum.
  • Coupled with new HyperLite™ technology that offers improved durability, the Vapor 2.0 will give you all the advantages of a light head without the lingering fear of a broken head in a crucial moment.
  • A redesigned scoop enhances accuracy when passing and shooting, making the Vapor 2.0 perfect for quick scoop-and-scores or crafty assists.
  • In addition to the ow pocket placement in the Vapor 2.0 gives you a smooth and consistent release, making tough passes look easy.
  • If you’re a quick midfielder looking for a head that will help you complete those crafty finishes and assists in tight, the Nike Vapor 2.0