Warrior Burn Pro Warp Head

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Warrior's new Warp Pro pockets are derived from 25 years of industry expertise. Countless hours of r&d and input from the best lacrosse athletes in the world. Each Warp Pro pocket is tailored specifically for its respective head and designed with multiple diamond configurations, pocket locations, and whip options to provide the perfect pocket feel and release.

Burn Warp Pro

  • Burn head has been re-engineered for an outside shooting attackman or midfielder
  • Mid-pocket with high whip options which are designed for the player looking to maximize shot speed and accuracy.
  • Designed with SymFlex in the scoop and bottom rail - this technology promotes scoop fold and back rail pinch with helps maximize shot speed and accuracy
  • Built-in Burn specific Warp pocket for consistent performance that is game-ready off the shelf
  • New varying diamond patterns with multiple raised shooters provide traditional feel and smooth release
  • Premium material blend pocket performs in all weather conditions
  • Loc-throat technology provides a secure, rattle-free attachment

Whip 1

  • ML1 has our lowest amount of whip and our quickest release, perfect for an attackman or midfielder that operates in close and needs to get feeds/shots off as quickly as possible

Whip 3

  • ML3 still has a quick release but offers added whip versus our ML1 pocket for those that need the added hold/shot speed to shoot from outside