Warrior Fatboy Burn Warp Pro Head

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The Warrior Fatboy Burn Warp Pro Strung Lacrosse Head uses a softer and more durable material than that of the original Warp.  The Fatboy has a higher pocket with a textured mesh for better grip.

Each Warp Pro pocket is tailored specifically for its respective head and designed with multiple diamond configurations, pocket locations, premium material blend pocket to perform in all weather conditions, and whip options to provide the perfect pocket feel and release.

  • Warp pocket is 3d kniited in the mid pattern with built in Grip Texture to enhance hold, feel and channel
  • Fatboy head shape is tighter for superior ball control and accuracy, offering elite box players consistent performance
  • Whip Level 2
  • Mid Pocket for power.  Ideal for shooters looking for superior shot power and accuracy from outside