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ECD Goalie Hero Strings

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East Coast Dyes Goalie Hero Strings are the ultimate sidewall strings and shooters for a goalie pocket, especially when paired with East Coast Dyes 12D Hero Mesh. Hero Strings are designed for superior stringing and pocket design, featuring several key technologies for a truly noticeable performance level of stringing. East Coast Dyes LockTec constructs tightly woven sidewall strings for increased knot retention resulting in a more consistant pocket. Hero Strings use high quality plastic tips to create an easy stringing experience on any goalie head. ECD includes superior durable shooting strings constructed for the ultimate release while passing and clearing the ball. All materials used in East Coast Dyes Goalie Hero Strings are made from hydrophobic materials for all weather performance. 

  • HeroStrings are woven with a hydrophobic fiber, allowing them to stand up to extreme weather conditions
  • Our textured strings feature LockTec, which keeps knots tight and maintains sidewall tension
  • All HeroStrings are made with abrasion resistant fibers for maximum durability and increased longevity.