Warranty Information

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If the product you purchased breaks or is defective, you will need to contact the manufacturer directly for a replacement.  If the product is under warranty, an exchange will be made by the manufacturer. 

What products are covered?

Heads & Shafts

HEADS:  Heads must not be abused, altered, defaced, pinched, dyed or otherwise negligently damaged.  Stringing components are not covered under warranty. Warranty periods and conditions will vary by manufacturer. Click on the links below for current warranty information.

SHAFTS:  Shafts must not be abused or otherwise negligently damaged.  Dings, dents, scratches or grip are NOT covered under warranty. Wood shafts and aluminum 6000 series shafts are not covered. Warranty periods and conditions will vary by manufacturer. Click on the links below for current warranty information.

Protective Gear

Manufacturer defects in material and workmanship are covered for a period of 30 days from the original purchase date. The warranty does not cover parts that are subject to normal wear and tear.

How to make a Warranty Claim?

Go the manufacturer’s website under Warranty and complete the Warranty Claim Form. Most manufacturers will request that you download the receipt and photos of the damaged product to process a claim. Warranty periods and conditions will vary by manufacturer, please refer to the manufacturers’ websites for current warranty information.

* * * * *Warranty Disclaimer * * * * *

You acknowledge that any warranty in connection with products or services offered on our site or in our store is solely provided by the manufacturer of that product or service.

  • There are no cash or credit refunds for items covered under the manufacturer's warranties. This covers most heads, shafts, and protective gear.
  • All warranties are the responsibility of the manufacturer, not Lax Shack.
  • There is no exchange or swapping of items under the manufacturers warranty.  If you want something else, please contact the manufacturer directly.  We can not swap items on their behalf.  Only the manufacturer can do that.
  • There is no warranty for items sold under Save Big sales.  Most of these items will not be available for replacement and the manufacturer will not warranty them.
  • Click on the 
Brand Heads Shafts Manufacturer Warranty Links
Brine 60 Days  60 Days Brine Lacrosse Warranty
ECD 180 Days  180 Days  ECD Warranty
Epoch 180 Days  180 Days  Epoch Warranty
Gait 180 Days  180 Days  Gait Warranty
Maverik 180 Days  180 Days  Maverik/Cascade Warranty
Nike 30 Days  30 Days  STX Warranty.
STX Women's Lacrosse Warranty
StringKing 180 Days  180 Days StringKing Warranty
STX 30 Days  30 Days  STX Warranty.
STX Women's Lacrosse Warranty
True 180 Days  180 Days  True Warranty
Warrior 60 Days  60 Days Warrior Warranty


These links should take you to the Manufacturer's warranty page so you can start your claim.

ECD Warranty

Epoch Warranty

Gait Warranty

Maverik/Cascade Warranty

StringKing Warranty

STX Warranty.

True Warranty

Warrior Warranty