Warrior Evo Warp Next Defense U12 Stick

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Warrior Evo Warp Next Complete Defense Lacrosse Stick, designed for the U12 player looking for a complete stick that promotes perfect fundamentals and consistent elite-level performance every time.

  • Created with the 12U specifications at the focal point, the Evo Warp Next offers long-lasting strength and swift mobility to help the rising player better understand the game and continue to improve their game.
  • With a feel that is favored by the pros, the Evo Warp Next gives confidence to deeply create and develop skills to lead towards success in the lacrosse game. The entire Warp Next line offers a consistent pocket for any level of youth player and will continuously improve a younger players' game to help them improve to the next level.
  • The entire Warrior Kryptolyte stick is 54" to promote better stick handling at a younger level, the Warrior Evo Warp Next Complete Defense Lacrosse Stick is perfect for the rising player looking to improve their game and move forward with the game of lacrosse.