Pro Stringing

Experienced Stringers

If you're looking for a hassle free, game ready, unique strung head then look no further. You can feel confident to have your most valuable possession strung by any one of our expert stringers. Our team has years of stringing experience. They are always upgrading their stringing game by learning and developing new techniques.

Custom Stringing

Our stringers will even customize heads based on the specific position of the player. If you're an outside shooter on the power play, FOGO or transition player, we can suggest stringing options to best suit your style of play.

Our goalie and FOGO stringers are actually goalies and FOGOs.  Who's better qualified to string these heads than those that actually play the position?  Their standards are above and beyond. 

We stay up-to-date on women's FIL pocket rules so that we can adhere to FIL specifications.  If your women's head is in need of a repair or a total re-string, we can help.  


Feel confident that your head will be strung right. Each head is inspected before it leaves our stores. But if for some reason you're not satisfied with your custom strung head, we will re-string it for free.