Brine Edge Pro+ Women's Complete Stick

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  • The Brine Edge Pro+ incorporates Therma-lock+ technology, a stiffer resin designed to perform in all temperatures
  • Updated their Truoffset Technology. Truoffset Technology - The top and bottom rails drop the ball stop toward the scoop creating a direct route for the ball to flow toward the sweet spot
  • To create a tighter channel for shots and passes, Brine engineered a new flex profile in the top third of the head to flex with the ball
  • The Edge Pro+ strung with Brine's newest version of the ISO Warp Mesh which has a runner piece which was created with stronger, more stiff vertical runners along with different sized diamonds to create more hold
  • Brine's ISO Warp Mesh Runner Pocket is made with weather resistant material so you will never have to worry about your stick's pocket changing due to inclement weather
  • The pre-knit "tails" at the bottom of the pocket provides quick, easy adjustments on the fly