StringKing Type 5S Mesh Kit

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Type 5 raises the bar for performance lacrosse mesh. Years of experience, a decade of development, and generations of products have all resulted in this — the highest-performing and most consistent lacrosse mesh the game has ever seen.

Optimized Feel

  • Type 5 performance mesh is the most advanced lacrosse mesh they've made.
  • Every generation of mesh has gotten better since they released Type 1, and Type 5 is the next leap forward
  • The right balance of thickness, weight, responsiveness, and texture in Type 5 mesh creates the perfect lacrosse pocket
  • You get more control and better feel than ever, and your pocket will perform exactly how you need every time

Perfected Performance

  • With over 10 years of experience making lacrosse mesh, 4 previous generations, unmatched expertise in textiles, and feedback from every level of the game, they're taking Type 5 to another level of performance
  • Type 5 features a tighter construction, giving you more control with the ball in your pocket and delivering ultra-consistent performance

Improved Consistency

  • StringKing was built on consistent lacrosse mesh
  • They started more than a decade ago with the mission to provide mesh and pockets that actually work in ALL conditions
  • They offer elite performance you can count on every time you pick up your lacrosse stick

Increased Durability

  • Even the best lacrosse pocket in the world is only good as long as it holds up
  • No other piece of equipment in all of sports has as much impact on your performance or requires so much expertise
  • They're taking all the questions out of the equation with Type 5 mesh
  • It delivers long-lasting, durable, and consistent performance in every possible playing condition, all backed by the best warranty in lacrosse

Twistex™ Technology

  • Twistex™ is twisted yarn technology, designed to give you more control, more speed, more consistency
  • Adding twist to the yarns before they are knit creates a more compact construction with more texture and a rigid backbone for consistent performance

Included in Kit

  • 1 Mesh Piece
  • 4 Sidewall String
  • 1 Bottom Lace
  • 2 Shooting Cord
  • 3 Shooting Lace