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ECD Delta Head Strung

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This one’s for the elite defenders. The guys who demand respect. The guys who attackmen hate to match up against. The guys that cause turnovers and create offensive. The game-changers.

The Delta was designed for three things: taking the ball away, scooping up groundballs, and turning defense into offense. With a rigid design, optimized strut placements, and perfected scoop, every detail was engineered to make this the best defensive head we have ever made. And it’s ready for you to get out there and change the game. 

Aggressive Face Shape: Giving you so much control, you’re gonna have a tough time not looking off the point attackman.

 Rigid Design: Engineered to be rigid and reliable check after check.

 Groundball Machine: With the perfect return angle and redesigned scoop, this thing is a GB blackhole.