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ECD Infinity Diamond Stick

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Diamond Technology

  • Lightweight Infinity - Our Patent-Pending Diamond Plastic has an extremely low density allowing the Infinity to become even lighter
  • Clearly Better - Not all plastics used in heads are created equal. We tested an insane amount of plastics over the past two years, while working on this project. This is innovation you can see and feel

Diamond Technology

  • Maximum Offset - Providing more control and more power, the full offset is an advantage you are going to feel
  • Tight Face Shape - Designed to provide you with unmatched control and feel so you can always be confident with the ball in your stick
  • Venom Elite Pocket - One of the most popular pockets in lacrosse, ready to go right off the shelf. You have never felt control like this
  • Technology behind this Complete Stick
  • Head - Stiff and Aggressive
  • Shaft - Durable Flex5 Carbon Fiber Shaft
  • Pocket - Perfect Venom Pocket