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ECD Venom Women's Mesh Kits

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The revolutionary Venom Mesh Runner is designed to create game changing moments - the kind of moments that become legend. The tapered mesh design creates a high SweetSpot and a softer pocket that hugs the ball giving you a more responsive feel and insane control you have to feel to believe. Match the Venom Mesh Runner with the new Threaded Leathers for maximum consistency.

Includes: 1 Venom Women's Runner, 2 Threaded leathers, 2 Sections of Crosslace, 3 Sidewall strings, 2 Shooting strings, 1 Bottom string

  • Venom Mesh uses a tapered design with wider diamonds at the top of the mesh to create a natrual SweetSpot
  • Increased ball control is generated through the SweetSpot by hugging the ball for a more responsive feel
  • Ultralight weight construction and design allow players to keep their stick lighter then traditional women's pockets for enhanced power and speed
  • Mesh construction creates softer feel then traditional leathers allow for more feel and control during play