Epoch Purpose 15 Complete Stick - Pro Mesh Pocket

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The Purpose™ is engineered for the new generation of elite athletes. Designed, manufactured and tied-up right here in the USA, the Purpose™ features Epoch’s patent pending 15-degree bottom rail. This technology is designed exclusively by women for women. The 15-degree bottom rail technology drives the ball high in the pocket to the sweet spot unlike any other product in the market. This maximizes feel and control for ultimate consistency, power and accuracy.

The Purpose™ is available with a matching Dragonfly, the most technologically advanced carbon fiber composite shaft in the game. Available in a 1” concave diameter or a slim 7/8” diameter. 

The Purpose™ is available with a factory tied-up pocket for elite level control and feel. All factory tied-up heads are strung by Stylin Strings and are designed to optimize the sweet spot and 15-degree technology.

Complete Stick

  • Position: Attack/ Midfield/Defense
  • Length: 32”

Dragonfly Purpose Shaft

  • C32 – Traditional Concave Geometry. Most popular - 1" Diameter
  • S32 – Slim Concave Geometry. Control - 7/8" Diameter
  • Composite/Carbon Fiber
  • iQ9 Flex i
  • Soft Grip

Purpose Head

  • The visually stunning spine of the Pro Mesh™ Pocket allows players to adjust and obtain their desired depth and control while driving the ball to the sweet spot. Just like the Purpose, the Pro Mesh™