Gait Air 2 (Rail Pocket) Complete Stick

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The narrow silhouette of the Gait Air women's lacrosse head improves pocket channel performance and control. The maximum sidewall transition creates the ultimate front pocket. This women's lacrosse head comes standard with a Rail Elite pocket Rail Elite pocket which is the games #1 selling pocket in women's lacrosse. The pocket was developed by the Gait brothers and manufactured by Laxpocket. The interconnected twine, mesh and leather provide a deep but not "illegally deep" pocket that is used by some of the best D1 players in the game.  
  • Super light design allows for ultimate control
  • Narrow Silhouette improves pocket channel and control
  • Maximum sidewall transition creates the ultimate front pocket
  • Comes standard with Rail Elite pocket - “the games #1 selling pocket”
  • Features Gait Carbon Mid-size handle