Maverik Kinetik 3.0 Head

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The KINETIK 3 features an updated narrow face shape design, added tension lock for a defined shooting channel and a shortened throat for ultimate ball control. Keeping the outside shooter in mind, these evolved features support accuracy and velocity which every player needs to take their game to the next level.

  • A tighter face shape creates an ideal channel improving ball control with an evolved scoop to enhance the angle of attack on ground balls from coast to coast
  • Based on top stringer feedback, we’ve dialed-in the sidewall ergonomics for optimal tension locking and amazing stringability. More stringing holes give you the freedom for whatever pattern you decide to run
  • Redistributed mass from the throat and scoop reduced overall weight while adding increased stiffness and strength to the sidewalls for consistent accuracy and overall performance. Used by PLL Whipsnakes' Zed Williams
  • If control, accuracy and velocity are important to you, fire at will with the Kinetik 3. The new and improved K3 is designed for incredible hold and extreme energy transfer