StringKing Mark 2D Strung (Type 5S) Head

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The Mark 2D defensive lacrosse head is strung in Type 5S Mesh by StringKing stringers.

Made for players.

  • A lacrosse head built for defense should still be able to perform on offense. The 29 sidewall holes, higher side profile, and slightly pinched throat of the Mark 2D gives you a pocket you can actually play with.

Stiffer is better.

  • We used advanced software to make the Mark 2D stiffer and stronger in all the right places. By identifying high-impact areas, we used material more efficiently to create a tougher lacrosse head that won’t weigh you down.

Better for ground balls.

  • Everyone knows ground balls win games. Attack the ball from any angle knowing your head was engineered to give you every advantage possible.

Lighter is better.

  • Removing material from low-stress areas gives you a lighter head for faster hands and harder checks.