StringKing Women's Complete 2 Pro Defense Stick - Tech Trad

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The Stringking Women’s Complete 2 Pro Defense with Tech Trad gives defenders a quicker release and better groundball control. The new Tech Trad mid-low pocket, combined with a stiffer version of our Mark 2 Defense head, gives players more power, control, and consistency. 

  • Light and stiff.

    The Mark 2 is both lightweight and stiff, perfectly balanced for optimal performance. It is the backbone for a pocket that gives players more power, control, and consistency.

  • Faster Shots.

    Dominate the field with explosive force using the new Tech Trad pocket. Its unique design delivers faster shots and unrivaled control.

  • More Hold.

    Experience dynamic control on the field with the innovative Tech Trad pocket. Maximize ball retention and gain a game-changing advantage.

  • All-Weather.

    The Tech Trad pocket conquers all climates. Weather-resistant materials and meticulous craftsmanship ensure optimal performance in any condition.

  • A better shaft.

    Composite Pro shafts provide the perfect balance to the Complete 2 Pro sticks. Designed with a thinner profile, players will have more feel and control over their stick