StringKing Women's Complete 2 Pro Midfield Stick

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The Women's Complete 2 Pro is our highest performing women's lacrosse stick. It comes with an expertly strung Offense, Midfield or Defense head, elite pocket with Women's Type 4 lacrosse mesh and either a Composite Pro or Metal 3 shaft.

    Midfield Head

    • Features a mid-high pocket placement and slightly narrowed face-shape so you can be a threat on both ends of the field.
      Type 4 Mesh
      • The softer and thinner construction of Type 4 performance lacrosse mesh delivers better feel, more control, and unmatched consistency.

      Composite Pro Shaft

      • Made of the highest quality carbon fiber, provides ultra-consistent performance in a lightweight package. It also features a soft-touch coating that stays grippy in any condition.

      Metal 3 Shaft

      • Made with premium alloy and advanced manufacturing, the Women's Metal 3 Pro lacrosse shaft delivers lightweight, durable and consistent performance