STX Aria Pro Complete Stick

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Put on a show with the Aria Pro! 

Key Features

  • Super lightweight design
  • Enhanced droprail™ Technology for ball feel and hold
  • Updated Speed Scoop™ protects the top string and reduces drag on ground balls
  • Patented 10° offset provides maximum balance and control
  • Aria Pro handle features the Shaft Lock™ to reduce head rattle

Aria Pro Head

  • The 10° patent allows for more material to be placed under the center line than other sticks 
  • With more material below the line, the  10° solution creates a lower center of gravity, enhancing ball feel and hold and gives the player a more balanced, lighter and resonant stick
  • The Minimum sidewall design provides an enhanced sweet spot for faster ball handling, feeds and shots
  • Compared to the Crux Pro the Aria Pro has an 8mm steeper drop rail and is 5 degrees higher to the scoop tip
  • Combined with the patented 10° technology, and superlight construction the drop rail allows for maximum ball control and hold
  • Speed Scoop™ provides full integrated protection for the top string
  • Outer Edge of the scoop reduces drag on field surfaces
  • Updated design allows athletes a more forgiving approach to ground balls from a wider angle

Lock Pocket

  • Features a pre-formed pocket that channels the ball to the sweet spot
  • The lock knots create multiple points of contact on the ball, enhancing hold and feel
  • The weather resistant nylon runners and lightweight durable cross lace create a softer pocket with a fast break-in period
  • Easily adjustable strings allow for on the spot pocket maintenance

Aria Pro Shaft

  • Octagonal profile for seamless head to handle connection
  • Built in endcap for player comfort and stability
  • Raised gloss texture for increased handle awareness
  • Includes Shaft Lock for rattle reduction
Shaft Lock
  • Nothing irritates a player more than the sensation of head rattle
  • Once a screw hole is stripped, the head wobble and rattles with every move
  • Shaft Lock is an elegant solution that resolves head rattle, creating a solid secure and durable connection between the head and the handle